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CEO; Florist and Creative Director

Centrina Washington, founder of EMINENT Avenue is a native of El Dorado, Arkansas and a graduate of University of Arkansas, Monticello.  After marrying her husband in 2014, God reveled her purpose to her which was to make people feel like she did on her wedding day; SPECIAL. After sitting down with here best friend of 20+ years, the vision was crystallized and EMINENT Avenue (formerly EMINENT Planning) was born.


Since 2015, the EMINENT team has been responsible for hundreds of beautiful weddings and events that have spanned from Arkansas and Texas to California and Overseas. Whether crying alongside a bride, helping to create a beautiful invitation or stringing floral from the ceiling, Washington has executed every facet of her job with love, empathy and professionalism. What started as a home based business quickly grew into one of the largest Event and Design companies in Arkansas. 


In 2019, EMINENT Avenue transitioned to the Greater Dallas area. Along with expansion of her company into a new territory, the vision for her brand and clientele has grown as well.  "It has brought me complete joy seeing the expressions on my clients' faces. Watching them experience their dreams and visions come to reality means the World to me. My entire life has been dedicated to making others happy and I look forward to continuing doing just that in this new chapter". 

"Fall in love with the process and the results will come."

-Eric Thomas


& answer

Go inside the mind of the woman behind the brand!

Q: What do love about the Event & Design business?

A: The clients! I love seeing the joy and look of excitement in their eyes when their dreams have become an reality.

Q: What's your favorite type of client?

A: A client that has a story to tell within their vision.

Q: You use to be EMINENT Planning? What cause the name change?

A: Well our business endeavors and model have changed. Although I enjoyed the planning process, I realized that my true passion was creating floral and design concepts.

Q: What is the greatest thing you've learned since starting your business?

A: That the team around me is a very important componet to the growth and development of the business. I can't do anything without them. They are what I call my "SECRET WEAPON" aka the WE TEAM.

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