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How Does Coronavirus Affect Your Wedding Plans?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Our entire picture of normalcy has taken quite the hit in 2020, and we are just three months in! COVID-19, a highly contagious respiratory virus has taken a major toll on our typical routines, shutting down all major gathering places, such as stores, restaurants, gyms and yes, even churches for the next several months. "So, if we can't go out, how can we plan a wedding?" It's going to take some careful thought and resolve, but it can be done! We're here to give you some tips!


Our Golden Rule: "Keep Calm!" ... Amid all of the rapidly changing information that we are downloading every minute of the day, it's important that we don't allow ourselves to become hysterical to the point that we are paralyzed from taking sensible action. It's important to be informed, but know when to disconnect to avoid information overload or just plain old paranoia! Your first order of business is to make sure that you are taking care of yourself emotionally and physically. Eat well, do some home workouts, stay productive and get plenty of sleep. YOU are your most important asset, and you still have to go on with living your life, so don't allow yourself to worry, but practice caution. Wash your hands frequently. Disinfect and sanitize your belongings. Stay in as much as possible, but use technology to stay connected to your loved ones! Remind yourself that you can't control everything, and that's okay. Doing your best is totally enough!

As far as your wedding is concerned, your number one action item is to FIND A PLANNER! In a crisis like this, you most certainly need a professional to help you navigate such a sticky situation. A person to keep your tasks organized, offer advice & recommendations, and advocate for you will be your saving grace!


Construct a game plan with all of your vendors. Some companies will already have systems in place for how they are tackling the situation! Ask them what they recommend for your event and if they are working in tandem with other vendors who are making arrangements due to the outbreak. Get clarity on all cancellation policies and set yourself some backup options. Some vendors may be fine to keep servicing clients, while some will want to push events back for another month or two. Be sure to keep a calendar to track all of the new dates and appointments.

Once you've got some solutions in place, talk to your guests. Let them know what your accommodations are and do what works best for the majority. As information continues to change, keep your guests in the know about all of your updated plans. With that being said, it's safe to plan for a smaller guest count, as some people may not feel comfortable attending large events even after the virus has passed.


If you still feel the need to pick up small details, try shopping online. Most sites have reasonable return policies, so if something doesn't work for you, you can send it back! Just make sure to read reviews and do research on products or sellers as an extra step to ensure quality. Furthermore; take advantage of the fact that you have more downtime. De-stress, practice self care, start an at-home workout regimen and most importantly, spend quality time with your future spouse!

If your wedding is late 2020 or next year, then you have time! You can hold off on any major decisions and bookings for a few weeks. Just keep doing your research and stay tapped in to the information updates, so you'll know what your next step should be when the time arises. Stay safe! Stay happy! Stay kind!

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